Meditation – an effective natural remedy for loneliness

There is a high prevalence of loneliness and social isolation (between 10–40%) across the United States, China and various European countries. Loneliness increases the risk of frailty, less quality of life, multiple diseases and even of death.

Meditation consists in a practice focused on mindfulness of mind and body, seeking balance, clarity and serenity, and has been used to cope loneliness. Meditation has an effect on reducing the release of cortisol, one of the main markers of neurophysiological stress activity, which is activated by the experience of loneliness.

Studies have shown that long-term meditators have structural and

functional differences in their brains due to meditation practice: the

prefrontal cortex (related to enhanced meta-awareness and reappraisal), the cingulate cortex (related to self and emotion regulation), the sensory cortices and insula (related to body awareness), and the hippocampus (related to memory processes).

Access the video link below to enjoy the benefits of meditation on your physical and mental health!

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