Studies have shown that unwanted loneliness is one of the greatest risks for the deterioration of physical health and mental wellbeing, just as dangerous as smoking and twice as much as obesity ⚠️

📊 In Europe alone, around 30 million European adults feel frequently lonely and around 75 million are facing social isolation. So, how can we fight loneliness and social isolation? 🤔

People in different countries, such as the USA and Denmark, have decided to create cohousing communities, mostly in rural zones, to fight against social isolation.

In the following video, you can see the example of Sættedammen, a small cohousing community in Denmark, which emerged to strengthen social ties between aging seniors and their younger counterparts who are balancing work and family. People living in them say the model fosters an interdependent environment and helps everyone feel more comfortable with the process of getting older 👵👲👱‍♀️👦

To discover this community, watch the video below!

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