Objectives and intellectual outputs

Healthy Loneliness has the main objective of minimizing the negative impact that loneliness can have on the physical and mental health of seniors through the use of ICT as a tool for personal development and social inclusion.

Through the execution of this Project the next results will be obtained:

Training Materials (I.O.2)

Elaboration of the training materials which will be the theoretical basis of the educational activities. These materials will be aimed to increase the knowledge of seniors, the community and professionals with respect to the situation of loneliness and its consequences in both mental and physical health. The training materials will be elaborated in a collection of three sets, tailored to each of the three end-users of the training program: seniors in loneliness (easy to read, no-stigmatizing and based in pictures materials), the community (friendly and informative texts, including pictures and checklists) and professionals (workbooks and handbooks including detailed information intended for non-skilled professionals).

e-Training Platform (I.O.4)

Development of an e-Training Platform (I.O.4), for supporting the implementation of the training materials and the practical training activities.

Multiplier events

Implementation of 4 Multiplier Events (one per country) on the application of the training program addressed to stakeholders that could multiply the impact of the project.

Practical Training Activities (I.O.3)

These activities will be the practical application of the training materials, aimed to increase the skills of seniors living in loneliness. The practical activities will be performed by the community and the professionals. As for the Training Materials, the Practical Training Activities will be classified in three sets, corresponding to each end-user and the type of learning content. This Intellectual Output will include a guideline for the implementation of the Practical Training Activities, with a detailed list of requirements, resources (links to Training Materials), steps, estimated times and tips


Validation of the training program in 4 pilots involving 200 End-users (50 per country).


Development of Dissemination Actions addressed to the European collective related to Senior Loneliness and to the collective working in the field of social inclusion.

VALIDATION PILOT ACTIONS will be implemented involving 200 persons (40 in Spain, Portugal, Poland and France) including seniors in loneliness, seniors in risk of loneliness, healthcare professionals, social care professionals, NGOs and citizens for the validation of the project results.