Our team

Thanks to the transnationality of the partnership, HEALTHY LONELINESS will collect evidence of the local characteristics of loneliness in seniors and the current situation of elderly people with unwanted loneliness in four representative cities: Coimbra, Lodz, Paris and Valencia.

Our team brings a wide expertise representing academic partners from technical and medical domains, municipalities and a citizen’s associations (private organization) representing end-users.

Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)

Coordinator of this project - Spain

Provides quality assurance and research on issues related to healthy and active ageing and Vicente Traver, PhD. is working (teaching and research) in the eHealth field for 20 years. UPV is the European university leader on remote training in EdX platform and Vicente Traver is also IP of EU projects for training undergraduate and post-graduate students.



Brings end-user perspective. E-Seniors was founded in 2005 and aims at fighting e-exclusion by offering ICT training. It has a large experience in ICT projects management and healthy and active ageing. E-Seniors can actively conduct user requirements, development of training content as well as pilot testing with users.
Puts people at the centre of innovation action, thus improving health, welfare, and quality of life of citizens, with special focus on older people. This is reached by testing and providing innovative solutions to address their needs, acting as an urban lab, assessing their potential scalability and generating evidence for quality decision making at policy makers level on provision of new municipal services, initiatives or public policies.
Is a reference in higher education and R&D in Portugal. University of Coimbra is an active participant in the EIP-AHA and the Ageing@Coimbra Ecosystem, a unique environment for the development of good healthcare practices in active and healthy ageing.
Is one of the leading research centres in Poland and a reference in active ageing and engagement of municipalities in behaviour change. The wide portfolio and contacts of the MU Lodz will bring a unique opportunity to disseminate and boost the materials and findings of Healthy Loneliness in medical and policymaking spheres.